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An iPad Oddity

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I've own a mini iPad for a couple of years now, and I have a small collection of about 45 images sitting on this gizmo. Most of them show up well, but some have big problems.


Images that are sharp and otherwise okay in Alamy or on my computer, even on my old iPhone (no longer a smart phone, sadly), are totally out of focus or some very grainy. Oh, and some of the images from Alamy have the watermark on them while others don't. 


I don't expect anyone out there to solve this odd problem, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had these things happen on their own iPad? 


Thanks, Edo  :unsure:

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How did you put the images on the iPad? If some of them have Alamy watermarks might you have grabbed them from the website?


I believe the original iPad mini has a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels but Alamy watermarked previews are only about 360 × 250 pixels. Most likely the iPad is enlarging these low res image to fit the screen.



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Thanks, fD. I supposed the easiest way to "solve" this problem would be to delete the offending images -- it turns out that there are not that many. But I think I would have to do that in the original folder on my Mac. It turns out that about half the 52 images (not 45, as I said), are scans from film. I see it as next to impossible to track back every image. 


1. I can begin anew and keep a text record in the folder with the images.

2. Be more careful with size, or . . .

3. Forget the whole thing, since I'm not looking for work. 


Unfortunately, I was feeling frugal the day I bought my mini iPad and got the one without 3G, thinking I could go up to the newish library here on Mulberry Street to connect to the Internet. But there is never an empty seat in that library. 


Thanks again for your advice, fD.

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