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Luddite me says (to myself) if you want to make a painting, paint. If you want to make a photograph, photograph.




As far as I'm concerned it's just an image. I don't really care which arbitrary category it falls into.


I like fusion music. I don't care if it's classified as jazz, rock, classical or none of those. The more boundaries it crosses, the merrier. I only care whether I like it or not.



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I like a line I picked up somewhere about editions (I will find the reference and add it here) which was along the lines:


"In most cases it doesn't matter whether an edition is limited to 5, 10, 50 or 100 - vwey few editions sell more than 3!"


There were some other gems like "cameras will tolerate getting wetter than we imagine" but that might predate universal digital.


Or 2 if you are lucky.  That's why it's best to keep numbers low.  You won't sell any more, but you might earn a lot more.

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Sheila I see you are saying your work is on FAA.


I wonder if you have thought of, or already do, put up your straight (unadulterated - wrong word but I think you know what I mean) photos alongside the digitally altered one from Topaz.


It would be interesting to see which sold first, most, or if there was a preference by the buyers for one or the other of the types.


Another thing while I think. I don't suppose these digitally altered images would be acceptable on P4M as they require some sharp area in the image, just like Alamy.



I am not sure how the search engine works on FAA but probably both images will appear in the search results.  As far as P4M, I have uploaded digitally altered ones (not from the recent Topaz filter) and they have been accepted OK.  I have only had one sale on P4M (two weeks after I joined) and have yet to upload any using the Topaz filter.  I caused a bit of a stir awhile back when I suggested that their voting system was clearly silly in that someone marked "Exceptional" on an image that should never have left the computer and had no redeeming feature at all.  The photographer on whom this was bestowed did not know his camera from his elbow but he was offering tuitions on how to take photographs and was also thinking of doing weddings!  Sigh.   I don't know if the forum exists anymore since their site upgrade and I am hesitant to find out!  FAA is far more lucrative than P4M in any event in that I received a double figure on P4M and I usually sell for triple figures on FAA.   Also, the problem with P4M is that they require model releases for human subjects which is odd for a POD site so many of mine would not be accepted.  

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