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How Do You Spell Cappuccino?

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That's a very good point about foreign alphabets and scripts. Place and people names are often transliterated very differently in different languages, because their vowels and consonants work differently. 


eg Tchaikovsky, Tschaikowski (German) Cajkovskij (Czech) all pronounced the same, Moscow, Moskau (Ger); Tashkent / Taschkent etc. A German picture buyer searching in English, even one with an excellent command of the language, could well use the 'German' spelling.



Which means we do not want a unified Alamy spelling. Unless we teach all clients to use it.

Teaching clients however has not been very successful here.



Not uniform spelling but something that could be included in the search engine and manually disabled in the search screen. Bizarre that it isn't already. Perhaps get contributors to assist with synonyms? A really simple one when checking for my next batch was "airshow" and "air show". Language decides which is strictly correct (American or English in his case), although, with transatlantic creep, it can be hard to tell.

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