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Betty, I purchased an iPhone 6 Plus last Wednesday.  I previously had a Motorola Atrix.  I am EXTREMELY impressed.  The camera is incredible, the apps are so much better than for an Android system and I'm even getting reception in areas where I couldn't before.  Have I mentioned I'm impressed?


I signed up for Stockimo last April with my iPad so I could get in on the existing contributor deal but I hadn't uploaded any images.  I'm having a blast with the Stockimo App.  I've tried Snapseed and I've tried VSCO.  Seems I prefer VSCO.


The reason I went with a 6 Plus over a 6 was mostly because of greater battery life and more space to read in - my eyes are starting to tire with my age and the larger text is a relief compared to the old phone.  I was told at the Apple store that the 6 Plus also has image stabilization but I have nothing to (reasonably) compare the camera to.  I am impressed with the photos it takes.


Ed, I'm glad you are enjoying your 6+.  And yes, the photos are great.  I took one or two indoors the other day and by the looks of them, I couldn't tell them apart from something taken with a DSLR.

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