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Found 2 results

  1. Does anyone have the new iPhone 6? If so, how do you like it? I've been wavering on it ever since it was announced. Unhappy that Apple didn't increase the pixel count, yet I like everything else about it. My take on the pixel count is this. Apple made some nifty new improvements in this year's offering, so I think they held back increasing the pixel count until next year. After all, they need something to make everyone trade in their old models for the new in 2015, right? Anyway, while I like my LG G2's picture quality (outstanding), I don't like the interface and how to navigate to areas that was easy on the iPhone. I doubt it would be a problem for you techy-type people, but for me, I struggle. Besides, Siri and I became good friends when I had my 4S. I get into cat fights with Google's offering. I went into the AT&T store yesterday and looked the phones over. I'd taken a quick peek at the Apple store a few weeks ago, but didn't handle the phone. This time, I did. I took some pictures in-store, and I believe the quality is improved over what I had before. I really liked the Chrome app. Instantly makes the picture pop. While the 6 is smaller than my LG, the 6S is too big. It looks like the usable part (screen) is the same size as my LG, but the ends make it quite a bit bigger. I have recently been able to upload my android pictures via my iPad, which I've recently purchased, but it is unhandy having to email them to myself. I bit the bullet and ordered the iPhone 6. Should be here in the next 5 days. Again, I'll be all Apple. IMac, phone, iPad. What's cool is I now have ordered three (overkill) custom cases for the phone, from my own work on Pixels.com. Pixels doesn't make them for the LG. Can't wait. If any of you Stockimo contributors know of some neat photo apps that make great Stockimo pictures, point me at 'em, please. Betty
  2. Any iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+ owners out there ? Which did you buy and why? How is the camera quality compared to the iPhone 5S? I am on the fence if I should replace my iPhone 4 or wait appx 6 months for the iPhone 6s to be released or buy the 6 or 6+ soon. L
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