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Time lapse up in the Lake District

Jools Elliott

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Morning all
This was one of the things I did during my UK trip. It was also another reason I needed good skies as it just wouldn't have worked with the white haze!
Any thoughts?


PS I did try to embed the video but not sure how to do that on the forum!



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I do like time lapse there is something very genuine and simple about the effect it creates.


The Five Sisters is a regular stop for me so have to confess in liking that one - quick question what is the time between each shutter frame?

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At the moment I am just setting it to 5 seconds. I'm still playing really and haven't tried going for the "holy grail" day to night ones yet.


Bought a cheap intervalometer from Amazon and haven't looked back.


Framing wise, I've found that it's worth doing it with Live View then briefly turning on the video side of things to see where the crop will be. From there I adjust the framing accordingly.


The Five Sisters one looks fine full frame but I'm not happy that I didn't frame it properly.

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Yes and no. It all depends what you are going for.


Think that 5 seconds of 24 frames = 120 shots. This takes 10 minutes. You can do the math for the rest.


However, say you take 20 minutes doing 10 seconds, you can then stretch it to 15 seconds which will slow it down somewhat.


You really have to try and then play. 

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