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I've noticed recently (this week) that my uploads are going through qc within hours or less. Recently I have changed my workflow (adding the lightroom plugin for alamy) and I'm wondering if that in combination with changes at Alamy accounts for the reduced QC time.

So here is my workflow.



Import into Lightroom 

Check for potentials (Composition checking and quick focus check)


Once narrowed down

Detailed focus check

develop in lightroom 

move to photoshop or a plugin if required 

Check for spots in Lightroom

then upload via the Lightroom Alamy plugin ( http://www.lightroom-plugins.com/AlamyIndex.php  link for those that don't know about it ) 


What method are other people using to upload?



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I go LR ( key wording and raw development) to PS. Don't use plugin and I have never had an upload go through in a few hours. 


Will take a look at that link, thanks.

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Interesting!  I have found the very same over the past few days, maybe the past 10 days.  Been using the plugin for some time with no issue, over a number of LightRoom versions, this have started just this week or so.


The side effect is I can not now sync, or download Alamy data into LR!

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