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Stockimo Data Entry and Editing

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Has anyone succeeded in using a Bluetooth keyboard for entering captions and keywords on the Stockimo app? It's a pain entering strings of keywords one by one on the iPhone's on-screen keyboard, even with a stylus, so we got a Bluetooth keyboard to make it a bit easier. It's an iPazzPort KP-810-25BTT, and works well with the Windows laptop, Android phone, and iPhone apps other than Stockimo. The Stockimo app doesn't pop up the edit screens when asked, although the entry/edit function is working, as the caption gets written invisibly!


Has anyone had success with such a keyboard? I've reported the bug via support@stockimo, and had hopes for today's bug-fix release, but no such luck! Also, is there any editing access via desktop? It would be good to get at Stockimo images via Manage Images.

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It won't work on an iPhone 4s with Apples bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard works perfectly with the phone ,but the app locks up and the phone needs to be restarted to get it to reset . Unpair the keyboard and the app is ok

Hope its a quick fix.



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