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  1. Thanks! I had looked at the list several times, but hadn't noticed you could scroll down. Luckily, I don't have any at the moment, though thinking of trying some later in the year.
  2. How do you check? I haven't currently got any exclusive, as far as I know, but can see it would be easy to tick "only available on Alamy" by mistake, when aiming for the "editorial only" box. Is there a way to globally select exclusive files?
  3. If Alamy decide to offer higher commissions for exclusive images, how about having that apply only to new images, or images that have never been uploaded elsewhere? There could be an extra tab for customers to search on "New AND Exclusive". The fact that an image is exclusive does not mean that it has never been sold elsewhere. There should be a minimum time that an image remains exclusive, eg one year, and then a requirement for 6 months notice to be given before exclusivity can be removed. This would give Alamy an opportunity to get a better price. It would also give
  4. You can delete as many tags as you like by clicking on them while holding down Ctrl, then pressing Delete Selected. Much easier than aiming for that little cross. Apologies if that's not what you meant. Works a treat, and selecting super tags works much better too. Very pleased, thanks Alamy!
  5. Have a look at Thumbs Plus at http://www.cerious.com. We've been using it for many years and found nothing else that's anywhere near as good on PC. You can send photos to external programs such as Photoshop, and search in a variety of ways. Custom fields are no problem. You can use the built-in MS Access engine or a proper client-server setup, either remote or local. We use a PostgreSQL server on the network.
  6. I have several hundred images of New Zealand, all keyworded in Photoshop and with 'New' and 'Zealand' entered separately. Now I want to make New Zealand a phrase, and get rid of the individual words. I selected the first 500 and deleted both individual words. The system only worked on the first 80, luckily, as I then couldn't batch enter 'New Zealand' as a phrase. System kept telling me I had exceeded my 50 keyword limit. I tried to do it a few at a time, still the same message, even when none of the selected images had more than 50 keywords. Eventually I added the phrase to all of those 80 i
  7. The other thing that needs asking, is why is there so much old stuff at the front of the search? The first page of any search seems to be dominated by A-D. Where are the G and H? I know we have the new tab, but let's face it, that often shows rows of similars from people who can't resist uploading everything. I think most of us improve over time, and I think most of us would rather see our newer, better images at the front. Many of the people I used to see as my main competition have disappeared from the front of the search. No doubt they are us unhappy as I am. I'm also disappointed t
  8. I'd like a way for when keywording the word 'England', other variants could automatically be entered at the same time (in to the Main Keywords box). For example typing 'england' would also add 'english, gb, great britain, british, uk, united kingdom, europe, european' etc. etc. Also the same for Wales, Scotland, Ireland etc. What a good a idea! I would like to be able to batch add keywords through Manage Images, without losing existing ones - for example, I have a lot of landscapes, keyworded with the word "landscape". You recently brought in a category for landscapes, which seems to
  9. All you need to link to an individual photo is something like http://www.alamy.com/search/ImageResults.aspx?qt=CPFHC2 with the appropriate image ID. For the display page it only needs the http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-Bamburgh_Castle_on_the_Northumberland_Coast_England-48286135.html without the rest of the alphabet soup. Alamy will now complain that leaving the rest off will upset their site housekeeping... For a pseudonym it's http://www.alamy.com/search/ImageResults.aspx?qn=scotstock
  10. Hi Carole, The best way we have found to transfer photos between Android, iThing and PC is Photo Transfer App. It's a cheap paid app for Android and iOS, free for Windows and OSX. As you've found, drag and drop doesn't work to iDevices. Don't worry about the 72dpi, that affects the file as much as the filename does - it's just a label. Just make sure your phone is saving the full 8MP file as fotoDogue says. Colin
  11. Oddly enough, I was porting Actions to the laptop this morning, and got the proper warning when the destination folder didn't exist. An error box popped up to say "Could not save as "P:\Submissions\Alamy\" because the file could not be found." Do 'Record Again' on the Save step and all is fixed. This is PS CS6 on Windows. Colin
  12. Hi Jon, Thanks for that - you've got even more of a problem. At least on the 5s the app keeps working. Colin
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