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Licence Infringements

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It's a great concern to most photographers that their images can be 'stolen' or mis-used outside of any licence agreement. A large organisation such as Alamy will always say that tracking the use of every image sold would be a near-impossible task, a view which I completely understand. However.....how about trying an experiment? Employ one person solely to track down infringements on a contract for, say, 2 years and if they have not paid for themselves in that time then OK, experiment over and it's back to the status quo.

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I certainly hope Alamy don't waste precious resources by chasing up the use of images that in many cases are not exclusively with Alamy.



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Most of us do not have photo exclusives with Alamy. I've been syndicating my material thru my own 2 agencies and many agencies around the world since 1980. No one would really know what was a legit license or an infringement. Sometimes even I have to look thru my database to try and figure things out.

For Alamy to do that would be a serious waste of time. It takes me a long time to weed thru hundreds and sometimes thousands of pages of infringements for a small selection I have deemed as the 'most infringed.'

I have 300,000 photos online in many places,appx 5800 here out of at least Alamy's 46 million.


Too big a task for any mere mortal!



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