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Post Preview Option for Replies to a Post

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A small suggestion - I would love to see a "preview" button in the forum when I'm creating a quick reply to a post.  Sometimes I write out a reply to a post, then re-read it and have to edit it (for spelling, for missing words, etc.) and I would love the option to be able to preview my post before it gets saved on a thread in the forum.


This appears to be an option when creating a new topic, but it isn't an option in the "quick reply" area when replying to a post.  You have to select "More Reply Options" rather than simply typing a reply.



Edited by Ed Endicott
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"Edited by Ed Endicott  6 hours ago."


And you proved your point Ed.




I missed that typo!




What?! ....

Edited by Robert Brook
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