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I am a relatively new Mac user (OSX 10.8).  There are many things I still need to learn, so any help would be very much appreciated.
In Develop mode in Lightroom 4.4, when I tick Soft Proofing box at the bottom, you can choose a profile on the righthand top, underneath the histogram.  If I choose 'Other…', it brings up a list of profiles that I can tick but the one I want is not on the list.  I have two questions in this regard.
  1. If you go to Macintosh HD/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Profiles/Recommended, there are profiles that are not included in the above mentioned Lightroom list, how do I make them included in the Lightroom list?
  2. How do I install a new ICC profile, for example a printer profile, in Lightroom?  In which folder?  
When you look through 'Finder', there are folders with a small arrow at the bottom lefthand corner.  What does this mean?


Many thanks in advance
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Thank you, Matt, for the video.


I have been using Soft Proofing in PS previously, but since I recently started use Lightroom & a Mac, I want to soft proof within LR.


How did you load the profiles that you frequently use into LR?  Which folder are those profiles are loaded into in OSX?


These were really my questions (not how to).





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Hi, Matt


Thanks again for the post and the link.


However, I think, the forum link doesn't provide a definite answer.


I am still puzzled, why do LR provide Soft Proofing function if a user can't upload additional ICC profiles?



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Thank you Geoff, for the links...


The first link is very helpful for me as a relatively new user of Mac.


I came across the second link (video) yesterday, which was also helpful. 


For the last couple of days, I learned a few things about ICC profile & LR.  

One of them is that LR' soft proofing doesn't support CMYK profiles.  

That is why some profiles that you are able to see in PS soft proofing doesn't show

in LR soft proofing even if you install the profiles in the relevant folder.  

This is one of the things that puzzled me a lot when I decided to ask the question on the forum.


Thanks, again

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