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John Morrison

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When I submit stuff via the news feed I go back to the images a few days later - when it's no longer news - and alter the data accordingly. If necessary I put all the background information into the description field, or more usually delete it altogether if it has no meaning to the image as stock.


If you do a search here for any tennis player you will find dozens of pictures of other players, because at the time the photo was taken they were in a match against the player you are searching for, and mentioned in the caption. 

For a hot news photo that is important information. As a stock image of the player pictured it is largely irrelevant, but might be of use in the description, as background.


The fact is the caption is searchable, whatever you think about that, and if you don't want erroneous search results, hide the unwanted information in the description field. 

I do the same thing. After a couple of weeks, I go back and edit the captions of images uploaded via the news feed, moving background info to the description field. I actually now have the opposite problem as well. Back when the description field was searchable, I sometimes put info that I wanted searchable in that field. I'm now having to go back and move some of it to the caption and keyword fields.

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