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Personal Contracts - advice please

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Hi all,


I have recently agreed to license a couple of photos to a charity for restricted use.


Can those of you that license images outside of work logged with agencies please advise as to how you normally arrange a contract:


  • Do you write your own?
  • Are you a member of an organisation which has templates which can be adjusted according to the license offered?
  • Other?


I can knock one up myself of course, (and have done once in the past) but I need it sharpish and do want it to clearly outline the details of the license clearly and concisely - and preferably be legally binding!


Thanks in advance to anyone that might be able to assist with this.

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We use a modded (personalised) form of the standard AOP "licence to use" form and their t&c's too.


See: http://www.the-aop.org/information/downloads/legal-business-forms


Scroll down to the Licence to use and then the Terms & conditions. You should send both. Ass covering is paramount in case of future 'misunderstandings' ;)




p.s. Azure just beat me to it... :)

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Only occasionally have I been asked for a printed license agreement.  With simple transactions, I set everything out in the invoice including the usage, exclusivity or non exclusivity, duration etc etc.  For more complicated transactions, I send them a license agreement that a lawyer friend supplied a few years back.  



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