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  1. Hi Alamy, here's a suggestion. Now you have your own "infringements team" how about an effective way to report the multiple infringements that are caused by your own sloppy accounting procedures? We spent a few hours putting together spreadsheets for the Infringements Team yesterday showing multiple infringements (commercial and newspaper) of our Alamy images and sent it to infringements@alamy.com. I asked if this was the correct procedure to report new infringements (of which we find many each and every time we look). I received no acknowledgement whatsoever. Today, I chased with MS to see if it had been received and the contents of our email logged. In reply I'm sent a stupid little form I have to fill in for EACH infringement providing information that's already available to you. And I have to provide "screengrabs" or scans every time. ALL these infringements are online and the hyperlinks were provided in the email I sent. Why do you need a screengrab when the infringement is live on the internet? Moreover, given the returns when chasing infringements via you (as we're now obliged to do after the contract change) do you really think we have time to screengrab EACH infringing page for the multiple times your Newspaper clients use our images and "forget" to self bill? Then we wait to see a wonderful $5 Gross pop into the account and like the 20 or so Newspaper sales we currently have reported form January, wait SIX MONTHS from them to "clear"? This is a business, not a hobby. Time is money. How about you devise a more efficient way for these constant bulk infringements to be reported.
  2. Quality of images is paramount, but not as important as what people want to buy. Compare 1 search (note: search, not sale) for "ICE Train" and 386 individual searches for "Dog"... I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions from that! J
  3. Act like a tourist? "Ice Train" - 3731 results. Searches for "Ice Train" on 'All of Alamy' in the last 365 days = 1. Stay at home and buy a lottery ticket, it makes more sense... J
  4. I'd like to ask James why Alamy has lost the Huffington Post contract, which produced a great deal of editorial volume sales over the last year but which are now obviously absent from sales reports.
  5. As a business I'm quite happy for my competitors to restrict themselves out of my market. Please carry on The real answer to this question will depend on whether the photographer makes his/her living from photography. If they do not need the income then they can afford to restrict or price themselves out of a market where prices are heading south due to oversupply. Nobody is going to stop that. If they do rely on that income they need to take a business decision on whether they want to shift 100 images at $5 a piece or wait for one sale at $250. I know what my accountant would say! J p.s. the problem comes when low prices are married to low volume. That's when it becomes uneconomical to produce.
  6. Check licence. It should say 'Rights granted for archival use' or similar. In plain English it's there forever in the depths of the publication website. No different to a magazine only use though. Images in print are still there in print after the magazine issue 'expires'. J
  7. I'd echo Paul's comments and here's a pro tip from me. Shoot for the market. Forget all this "personal vision" guff. Don't shoot what you want to shoot. Shoot what is wanted. Look in magazines and newspapers. Look at how shots are composed. Why will someone buy your shot over the competition? Edit hard. A quick look at your folio shows me you have way too many similars (mainly due to the "news" coverage shots). You're a year into a very long journey. I was a jobbing commercial pro when I started doing stock and it took me three years before I really knew what I was doing! So don't expect success overnight. This is a horrible industry nowadays. We're battling a reduction in prices due to over-saturation and that same over-saturation is causing a dilution effect so we all get less of the pie. Shoot smarter, not harder. J
  8. This +100 It's 2013. If you let images out of the door, in digital format, with no watermark, accompanying paperwork or conditions of use clearly spelled out they will be treated as freebies. Especially if you email them unsolicited and ask people if they "like" them. I'd save that for Facebook in the future... You can now explain that apart from your day job you licence your photography work to businesses for publication and the going rate is 'X' (use the Alamy Calc) and would they like to pay by BACS or cheque? Depends on whether you think a few quid (let's be honest about the 'usage') is worth hacking off the people who pay your mortgage/rent for? J
  9. I must have a day job I don't know about then.... if anyone sees me getting on a train on a Monday morning can you tell me? It is definitely possible to make a living from stock full time, I do, Jeff does, same for many others I know too. The difference between people who do this for a living and people who don't is often that we treat this as a business and shoot for multiple agents in multiple styles and target various markets. i.e. we shoot for the market, not what we like to shoot. J
  10. We uploaded a batch of 90 yesterday and it went from 23 > 24. I've double-checked files this end and there's no data corruption on any of them, plus the uploader reported all 90 received with zero fails. I think there's still some problems with the uploader. Never had this many 'processing 24' delays in many years of uploading here. J *Update*: Just noticed our batch has now gone to 'Awaiting QC'.
  11. Second batch that got stuck last night has now gone 'Awaiting QC'. That's good. Seems there's still a few gremlins being ironed out! :-) **update:** All passed just now, no partial fails. So a '24' doesn't necessarily mean a partial fail! J
  12. Strange goings on at the moment. Had an August 1st batch that passed once Alamy fixed apart from 11 that failed to process. These then appeared as passed over the next couple of days (thankfully I hadn't reuploaded). Next few batches went 23 > QC fine. This morning a batch went 23 > 24 and this evening another batch went 23 > 24. I have no idea if it's our end or Alamy's end. Both subs uploaded with zero failures reported by the uploader. J
  13. Unfortunately this problem still exists today. Uploaded a large batch on 1st August and they went 'Processing 23' >> 'Processing 24' and have remained there. Just uploaded another large batch at 11:30 this morning an the same thing has happened. 'Processing 23' >> 'Processing 24'. Wonder if Alamy could update us on on how the fix is going and when these might get "unstuck"? Thanks J n.b. both batches uploaded 100% "OK" first time. Zero upload retries or failures showing this end.
  14. 119 sales. Below normal average but July is traditionally slower for us than other months. J
  15. +1 It's a combination of saleability, image quality, great keywording & search positioning - but mostly saleability. I've got a new contributor with around 350 images yet they regularly sell 5-10 images here each month, because they shoot for the market. Simple as that. As I've always said, to make $$ photographers need to treat stock as a business. Treating it as a hobby where the output from the camera is what the photographer likes, but is not directed at the market into which it's being sold and then expecting to make $$ is just setting yourself up for disappointment. This forum (and the last one) is littered with threads moaning about low or infrequent sales. Unfortunately the the cure (which most do not want to accept) is a mirror. The person who you see looking back at you is to blame, not anyone else. J
  16. Ed, News is News and Stock is Stock. Both are prepared differently. Alamy added your/their credit line to the Caption because that's where Newspaper editors expect to see it. Once your image ceases to be "news" and reverts back to "secondary editorial" i.e. regular stock, you'll just have to do some editing to the caption. That's the way it is for everyone. J
  17. Yes, Zigzagmtart is correct, it's Catch 22. If it was me I'd clone them out unless they're essential to the reading of the image. J
  18. Haha! That's an all time classic reply! J p.s. Good reply by the OP (though I liked JohnB's too). You'll not hear from them again...
  19. That's a good point that I hadn't considered. Perhaps contributors should be given the opportunity to opt out of those sales. We are given that opportunity. Annually during the month of April (1-30th) we can deselect any or all distributors. So if this bothers anyone, that's the answer: http://www.alamy.com/distribution-terms.asp J
  20. Glad you had fun Jools. After shooting this myself twice I've the utmost respect for sports photographers. Especially with stuff that moves fast... I've been lucky enough to see the TDF twice. Once on hols in 2008 when all I had with me was a Canon G9 (we literally stumbled across the route after getting lost...!) and once a couple of years ago when I lived there in 2011 and it passed about 15km away. I was more prepared then with a 5DII (not very quick AF) and a 70-200 f2.8. After a glorious week it poured down with rain. Still made for some colourful images though! http://www.jonboyes.com/blog/images/tour-de-france-2011-stage-4-lorient-to-mur-de-bretagne/ For anyone who has never seen this race it's not quite what you'd expect. A few hours before the riders actually get to you there's an endless procession of publicity floats, many whom throw freebies to the crowd as they pass. Got a huge supply of sweets & washing powder samples last time.. Some just spray the crowd with water for fun though.. Then there's a ton of admin cars, support cars, police motorcyclists, the official tour photographers who (and respect for being able to) balance precariously on a pillion whilst capturing the action: Finally the leader(s) of the stage come through at what seems a breakneck pace followed down the road by the main pack (I got the yellow jersey here in 2008 on a G9!!): 30-45 seconds later and it's all over! You've stood there for three hours and inside five minutes they've passed at a lot faster pace than you expect. It's definitely a spectacle end to end though. If you ever get a chance to see it, do take the opportunity. J
  21. I'm just perplexed, because we're talking about a computer here. It's not random so the change would either be in effect or not. The blog post came out but the actual database change didn't happen for a week or so. I remember this clearly because when it did, it broke the search in Manage Images and I started a thread on that problem. So, if you were to drill down to the actual "warren buffet" search and get the exact date I'd still put money on it being *before* Alamy actually switched off the pseudonym field (sometime around the 18th/19th I think). J
  22. Derek, You can't unfortunately. Alamy use a non-standard way of dealing with IPTC keywords whereas PM uses the standard IPTC Keywords field only. This maps over to the Alamy Comprehensive Keyword field. We just cut and paste them out into Essential, Main & Comprehensive once they are live in Manage Images. J
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