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failed on quality control

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i am not to sure if any one can help but having created an account with Alamy as seller i started in submitting my 4 test images yes i read through what was required and so on where images have to be over a size limit of 24mb

any way i started with the upload of two images and then with out thinking pressed the upload button

both images were rejected straight away 


so my question is what do i do now do i try again making sure my test images are of the required size or just try one image to see if it goes through

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I am pretty sure you should upload all four images in the same submission the very first time - i.e. do not press upload before all 4 are ready and present. If you need to clear your uploads - if they were technically rejected before being looked at, then e-mail member service....


Size is not the most common reason to fail. That'll be SoLD - soft or lacking definition. Be sure your images really are in focus where obvious - and, of course, fulfil the other requirements, too. 


Here is a quick size checker for Alamy - you will understand the way the size is calculated later on:



Good luck.

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