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Firmware updates

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I have finally got my Fuji X-E1 in my grubby little hands and although due to visitors have not yet been able to give it a thorough testing, I am loving the feel of it so far. So now the visitors have gone I am finally sitting down to have a good look at its functions.  I have checked the firmware on the camera and it is version 1.03 (not unexpected).  My rather silly (?) question is, can I just download the latest firmware or do I need to do all the inbetween ones too? I have looked on Fuji's website and cannot find a definitive answer, but was a little worried as there was a warning of something along the lines of, if you do it wrong you could ruin your camera! (not their exact words obviously!) I have emailed their support but have not had a reply yet.


As usual any advice appreciated.

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