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"Consideration" in Alamy Property Release? Thinking of trying to obtain a release for a photo of a cruise ship.

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Hello all,


First time using the forums for me!

I had a question regarding the Alamy Property Release.


Context: I have a nice shot of a cruise ship in Santorini's caldera with some islands in the background, and at first I was going to submit it for editorial use since the ship has the company's logo on it.


However, after doing some research I discovered that other contributors on other stock sites were successful in obtaining releases for cruise ships after taking the photographs, directly from the companies in question, so I thought there's no harm done in attempting to secure a release.


There are a few of questions I have about the Alamy Property Release.


  1. Is the contract still legally binding if there is no "Consideration" given? (Consideration as defined in the Release: "means something of value I have received in exchange for the rights granted by me in this release.") I have read somewhere that Consideration must be given in the US, but I'm in the UK.
  2. If I have to give the company something in exchange, what could it be? Could I give them a high-res copy of the photo in question? Should I grant them RF rights along with it, or is that a bad idea?
  3. Should I send the contract already filled out on my end, or blank? (My details including address etc)

I would really appreciate any help with this :)






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please don't even mention giving them a copy; we should be in the business of selling images, not giving them away. I very much doubt they will want to see the photo as long as you say it is positive in outlook. If by any chance they ask to see it, make sure it is VERY SMALL and low res. watermarked, even better!


If they show interest, SELL them some limited rights, but try to stay away from Publicity (they'll be virtually public domain in no time). Licences should be for as short a period as possible. say a year at a time.


But before you get too excited, note that there are 2,283 images answering to SANTORINI CRUISE SHIP  as a search on Alamy. It had better be a cracker!


"Consideration" slip a stamp in a letter? or offer to post a link in a web site



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