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Any critique would be much appreciated


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Greeting Everyone, 

Photography is my weekend hobby only and I've been selling on Alamy since Jan 2018 with over 1K images by date. Composition/framing I usually leave it as it is thinking the picture may lose its value. I am not sure if that is a good idea. Hope there was an option in Image Manager allowing customers to frame photos if they wish.


English is my 5th language and I found it hard to write a caption. Any tips on how to write good captions would be most appreciated. 


I tried to create a unique folio layout and not sure how is viewed on other screens.


Recently I started selling 360 images and having a dilemma about whether it would be a good idea to put on sale a reframed 2D composition of the same 360 shot that is already on sale. Any cons and pros selling 2D reframed detail of 360 photographs?



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On 16/05/2024 at 12:22, Arvy777 said:

...Any cons and pros selling 2D reframed detail of 360 photographs?

no 360 experience;
only wide angle to telephoto experience;
a lot of photo buyers don't use 360
so IMO salable crop(s) from 360s opens up
your work to new clients...?
but crops have to be thoughtful & pass QC...?
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