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Some of my images are a bit dark- TIA


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Hiya. I've put the images in so you don't need to search the references.


Streatham Common pumping station, by James William Restler, 1894, 68 Conyers Rd, Streatham, London - Image ID: 2R5BEAC


Certainly don't make them like this anymore! Are you doing sky replacement on some of your images? The first 5 all have weird looking skies, very saturated and too much contrast. Might be ok if you're going for that type of image, but they don't match the editing of the main subject below. The main subject is a bit underexposed here.


Manx Electric Railway train and carriage, Douglas, Isle of Man

Manx Electric Railway train and carriage, Douglas, Isle of Man Stock Photo



Bit underexposed and a bit too blue on the white balance.



Castle Rushen and harbour, Castletown, Isle of Man


Underexposed and quite noticeably blue temperature on the white balance. Shadows need lifting.


View from Manx Electric Railway open carriage, Douglas, Isle of Man


Very underexposed, although you might find you need to reduce the highlights if you up the overall exposure. I know the window drops the exposure, but it needs compensating for.


Old Grammar School, Yn Chenn Scoill Ghrammeyoys, 13th. century, Castletown, Isle of Man


The building doesn't look too far off, and you don't want to overexpose a white subject too much. But the sky and grass are very dark.


Lots of nice subjects overall, you're getting around a bit! Hope this helps.

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No sky replacement but I do burn in if there's cloud detail for a bit of drama if it suits the subject, but of course if I'm dark overall I may be overdoing it without noticing.

 I do accentuate blue skies with a selective luma reduction, or sometimes saturation increase, in LR, so maybe I'm overdoing that and it's bleeding into the subject as well.

I can see that some of these would take a half-stop or so more exposure without blowing the lighlights, but I think some of it is a matter of taste, particularly the blue skies.

Thanks for the comments. I will watch these points.

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