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How to bypass the new authorization requirement when logging in



Suddenly this has become a new log in problem.


Of all the two-factor authorizations systems, the one I hate the most is the one where you are required to identify all the somethings - a bus, or a car, or a bike, for example - in a square of 8 or so blurred images.


Is there any way to bypass this new nuisance?

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Staying logged in is not the answer. Lately I've been logged out whilst in the process of tagging images. I finish my tags, then press Save, and nothing happens. It just asks again if I want to save.

When this happens the tags and caption stay on the screen but cannot be saved. The best work-around I have is to copy the caption and the tags to an outside file, return to the dashboard - which now demands that I log in again.

After logging in and counting buses I get back to my images. I can paste the tags and caption back into the image which threw me out.



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