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Search results different if not logged in

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I seem to remember this has been mentioned before but not recently. I happened to search for the village 'Brightwell-cum-Sotwell' on my Iphone and was surprised to see that there were 0 results whereas on my main desktops I get 80 results, but I'm logged in on those. This was on Chrome but the same is true on Safari (I just tried in the Apple Store. on an Ipad and an Imac, without logging in of course).


I tried other searches and there was always an anomaly between the numbers of images found but none were quite as stark as this one. The word 'Sotwell' on its own gets 1 result if not logged in, a section of a map, but 81 if logged in. 


Brightwell-cum-Sotwell is a small Oxfordshire village and not really well known for anything much until one of our many recent Prime Minsters bought a £4m mansion there.


P.S. I was surprised to see that the company that uploads those map sections has over half a million on Alamy. Wow.

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3 hours ago, wiskerke said:

Ultimate? Foundation? Editorial?

What is the default search setting from the front page for clients that have no cookies?

No, I can't see any relationship to collections. In the case of 'Sotwell' then there are 12 in Vital, 62 in Uncut, 6 in Editorial. Adding a filter and then 'Clear all' makes no difference either.


In that case the only image that is found, the map section, is an 'Archive' image, 'could have imperfections' etc. but that doesn't explain the differences with any other searches that I've done that also show anomalies. 


Another random search off the top of my head - 'Harvest Ukraine', 12,409 results when logged in, 12,316 not logged in. In both cases the number found in Foundation are the same at 245 but all other totals (Ultimate, Vital, Uncut, Editorial) are different.


Could it be a Regional thing I wonder, but then why would 'Sotwell' be restricted in that way?

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