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XnViewMP - Cross platform image browser and DAM

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For sometime I've been looking for an cross platform (MacOS, Windows, Linux) alternative to BreezeBrowser because that only runs on Windows and I currently use MacOS. Over the last month I've been getting to grips with XnViewMP. Initially I thought it was a poor alternative, but the more I use it, the more features I discover and the more impressed I've become. Here are some key features that I like;


  • Multi-platform (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
  • Image download from camera/SD card with image renaming and and storage into user defined folder structure
  • Image browser which supports most formats (NB. RAWs aren't developed - it uses the embedded jpg)
  • Image file rename, copy, move, delete with option to link actions to "companion" files e.g. jpg + Raw + xmp + acr
  • Image "date taken" adjustment
  • Image tagging/star rating for culling etc.
  • Edit IPTC and XMP fields and view EXIF data
  • Catalog optional, and if used, it is built on the fly (no import operation)
  • Auto-scanning of folders to identify new or edited image files  (shame LR doesn't do this) and update to catalogue automatically
  • Very customisable keyboard shortcuts
  • Very customisable workspace (selection of panels, backgrounds, thumbnail sizes, title info etc. even set colour of font by file type)
  • Image categorisation and storage of categories as hierarchical keywords in image EXIF
  • Image search and filtering (on a very wide range of criteria) which also works with or without the catalogue
  • Ability to toggle subfolder file inclusion on/off (I keep RAWs in subfolders)
  • Basic jpg editing (I don't use this)
  • Ability to configure which editing programs to use (e.g. PS/ACR)
  • Colour managed
  • Low cost and subscription free


Here are some of things it's not;


  • A RAW file developer, but It does display previews and thumbnails for most (all?) RAW files based on the internal jpg.
  • Easy to get to grips with. It's so customisable and feature rich that it's mind boggling and the manuals aren't the best.
  • Backed by a large company although support seems good, there's an excellent forum



Here's a link to a screenshot of my current setup.



It's become my Browser of choice and I'll be increasingly using it for keywording and tagging



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16 hours ago, Colin Woods said:

Thanks Mark. I use Bridge as I am Mac but I will give this a go.

You're welcome. My copy still seems to be running sweetly with around 40,000 images (250GB). I'm now using it to tidy up my image collection by using tags to denote which images I have with which agencies. Previously I kept (duplicate) copies in separate folders which was just wasting space. 



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