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Why are there several portfolio links?

Aul Zitzke


I saw that there are several links to my portfolio page:


1. Portfolio - Public view


2. Portfolio Link in the Forum


1) Is the portfolio page which is linked in the dashboard and can be edited by sorting the images.

2) Is the portfolio page linked in the forum (can´t be edited, latest uploads on top)


Now I ask you: Which portfolio page is shown to the customers? I want the edited portfolio page visible to the customers and not the unsorted portfolio page linked in the forum. 😧

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1) is what people will see if you give them the specific link to direct them to your portfolio.
2) is for forum members or visitors to view.
Neither are normally shown to customers: they will see whatever images are returned by the search they make. If they do a filtered search by contributor name, I believe they will get 2). (If that function is working: when I tried it the other day the option was greyed out, but that may have been a glitch.)

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I tested it and you are right. I searched for one of my images on Alamy and then clicked on my contributor link. After that I got to the portfolio page (2). 😐 When customers can´t see the edited portfolio page, then it is rather useless for me.  

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When a client clicks on the contributor link, he/she is actually clicking on a pseudonym link.

A contributor can have many pseudonyms. Try my link to the left here and then click on a link beneath one of the images. See how the total amount of images changes. In my case one pseudo has 477 images, but another has 1757. The amount is next to Stock Photos and Images.


The Portfolio page is one that you can curate and then share it on the socials or send to a client or link to from your website.

Because you can have sub-pages on your portfolio page, you can also send a link to images of an event or one subject. However the share button will not generate a link to a sub-page. A clear omission. So you will have to manually copy the link from your address bar.

To see how this works: this is the link to my portfolio page and this is the link to my sub-page.

I never use the portfolio either btw because I have no real presence on the socials.



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