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Concrete request for support, thanks in advance



I have been a collaborator of Alamy since 2008. I am Italian
Unfortunately I have no concrete results. My sales are small.
Surely I'm wrong in something. But I can't figure out what. I'm wrong with the keywords?, the titles?. The quality of the photos is not good?.

My CTR% indicator is 0 :-(

I enclose the link to my photos, if anyone can give me an opinion I would be very grateful

Thank you with all my heart

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How small is small for your sales?

The general average on Alamy is 1 license per month for every 1000 images. So for the size of your port you would expect about 12 licenses a year.

If you are doing that then its all good.

Alamy is not microstock so you won't see the same sort of volume of licenses as those platforms


A CTR of 0 is a bit weird


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Can I strongly suggest you have a look at the Portfolio critiques for other contributors:


This will give you lots of tips on how to improve sales.


You are keyword spamming (too many irrelevant keywords). Your captions need work too - include the country. Don't put 'Image of' in the caption, you're wasting searchable words.

You also have far too many similars, so not only do you have a very small portfolio, there's much less than half of the portfolio that is actually unique photos. So you end up with a miniscule portfolio. You also seem to upload very rarely so you're not going to show up in client image searches for recent images.


I find I get more positive results as I put more effort in, and it looks like you haven't put a lot of work in, sorry to say. Some people are less successful than other though, for similar sized portfolios; I would again look at the Portfolio Critiques. And the images sold thread:




Best of luck.


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