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Hello from the Finger Lakes Region of New York State.

Fred Palmer

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I started uploading images mid August 2022. I've had moderate success passing the QC, with a reasonable turn around time. I purposely don't submit a large number of images at once, in the event that one image doesn't pass, I'm not resubmitting a large number of images, after culling the one that didn't pass.


I've worked with other agencies in the past; continue to do so. I understand that there's a definite correlation between the volume of available images, and images being licensed. For me, stock sales have always been "found" income. Historically, I spent 20+ years doing free-lance corporate assignment work, with businesses within my region. One of my past clients manufactured a product that came in yellow boxes of varying sizes. That was fun,


I no longer do assignment work, and have a full time job. These days, my employer has me wearing many hats, the most fun being, photographing construction equipment. I've learned to drive/operate bulldozers, excavators, wheel loaders, etc, the toys that I used to play with in my parent's yard, as a child.


As time and circumstances allow, I still make images for myself, because it gives me pleasure and makes me happy. There's always a camera within reach.


I also have 40-50 years of transparencies, that I've created, that again as time allows, scan into digital files. I've had a reasonable amount of success submitting those, and have them accepted by QC.


Thank you for your time....



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Hi Fred, welcome! Sounds like an interesting job. I'm a civil engineer, but design based in the office, so no toys to play with! It is quality and volume for sure. But keywording and captioning are very important, as is being commercial about the subjects that you shoot (shoot what sells, rather than trying to be arty all the time and selling nothing). 



p.s. nice images btw

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Welcome. It sounds like your attitude will keep you from being too frustrated by the stock situation these days. We do need to keep remembering why we like this.



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