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Sony SD Card Recall - Program still active


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This may be old news to some but Sony recalled a bunch of their SD cards - I think in mid 2020. I freaked out when I read about it last night, since the blog I read said they'd replace them through March 2022. Well, replacement is still active through next year, per the Sony site. That's hundreds of dollars I don't need to toss. 


I've been very happy with the Sony cards but I just had one large 128MB & one 64MB for each A7R camera, so was looking for an additional two cards when I read about the recall in a review. Guess I'll be getting a SanDisk for the main compartment this time around.


Anyway, if you didn't know, figured there are enough Sony shooters here (and they're a respected brand for anyone), thought you'd want to know. The problem mostly occurs when you shoot both video & stills. I mostly use my iPhone for video, but took a bunch on my Sony when I was visiting my daughter & grandson. Sandisk or Sony? No idea now. 


It's funny I went to take some video of the snow, which is when I realized both my 128MB cards were near capacity. 


Here's the link

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Thanks for posting this information and although a Sony camera user I have always predominantly SanDisk with one or two odd ones like fuji given free with a purchase.




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