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Metadata Keywording through Bridge

Louis Deconinck


I use Bridge to add metadata to my images (if there are better (free) alternatives, let me know).


I add both a title and description field to my metadata. However, Alamy automatically takes the Description field as my caption. I would like it to take my Title field as my description is often much lengthier than the allowed 150 characters. Is this possible?


Alamy also asks for super tags. Currently in Bridge my 10 first tags are the most important ones, they are the ones I would like to 'super'. Is it possible to insert or indicate the super tags in the image metadata or have Alamy automatically pick the first 10 tags as super tags?

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I use Bridge to keyword also. Forget the title, just use the description. The title isn’t used, period. That’s a waste of your time to fill it in.
Alamy has a reason for only allowing 150 characters, even if we don’t know the reason. If you used more in title, and IF (which they don’t)Alamy allowed the title to be the caption, it would automatically be cut off at the 150 characters.

Dont fight it, just go with the rules.

And no, you must click on the supertags. Those have to be done by you because while your most important tags are listed first, not every other contributor’s is. So the rules have to fit everyone, not single out a few for special allowances. It only takes a minute or less to select them anyway.



If you have more to say over the 150 characters, be sure to say it on the optional page. I just usually copy over my caption to that “more” box, but sometimes I add a lot more when the image needs it. If you add a lot more in the caption field, it will go over to that optional spot. Then you need to check the caption & condense it because it will be cut off awkwardly.

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