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Just saying helloto everyone and asking for any advice on how best to get started here...

I cover catwalk shows and red carpet events including London Fashion Week, Paris fashion Week, London, Cannes and Venice.. and have been widely published but have not sent images to an agency like Alamy before. Any advice gratefully received.

Examples of my work can be seen here...
www.facebook.com/paulwinstonephotos    and 

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Start by uploading some photos! From what I've read on here, getting the first few batches accepted makes things easier later, so just upload a few which you're absolutely sure aren't fuzzy, grainy, low res etc, wait for them to pass QC and then upload another small batch.

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Since you're covering events, you should apply for Live News access so that you can upload those files immediately and not have to wait for QC when covering an event. 


You'll probably need to upload some images first. Given what you do, I'm sure you know how to caption your images, but make sure you understand keywording too, since good keywords are essential to your images being found. 


Good luck!

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