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Deleting photo from ongoing submission

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During a submission, I re-checked one of my photos that had jumped ahead in the quieu ( while doing my final 100% analysis) and was already uploaded while others were still uploading. Thought I'd delete that image from the submission, since it was slightly soft, okay but not wonderful. But the "remove item" button was not working during the uploading.So, I thought maybe changin to 'Compatibility View" with the internet connection might 'liven't that button so I could remove that image.


Unfortunately all it did was cease the submission, and what was already uploaded, was finalized- no turning back.


It appears the "Remove item" button only highlights after the images are completely uploaded (but not finalized). So, if I have this correct, if you want to remove an image from the submission (during the process), wait until all the images of the sumission have uploaed, then remove that image (or images) , and then commit to the submission.


And don't click "compatibility view" during uploading.

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