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pierre rochon




I need to print a summary of my sales for 2021 for tax purposes. When I look at the graph showing the sales volumes and the revenues, the amount  is correct. But when I go to « Balance of account » page and I enter the 01-Jan-2021  to 31-12-2021 date range, the amount is about 4 times bigger.

Where can I get a correct summary of the total sales and the total payments to me?




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For some reason when you put in those dates "balance of account" shows the gross and net sales from 1/1/21 to date, not for the calendar year 2021. Each sale for the calendar year is then itemised below, but getting the total from that would be a nightmare. If that's what your tax inspector wants, good luck to him, but there are easier ways.

I think you'll need to do it from "net revenue". You can choose to download just the image reference, date and gross and net amounts as a csv, then add up the net total in Excel.


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