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Reducing image size

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I'm sure there is a simple answer to this - if an image is scaled down in Lightroom for export as a jpeg, does it follow the same process as reducing image size in Photoshop, where the image is resampled using the Bicubic Sharper method? Is the end result the same, in terms of quality?



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Well back in 2014 Victoria Bampton (The Lightroom Queen) said this "Lightroom does the same switch between different algorithms behind the scenes, but does it a lot more intelligently. Mark Hamburg said some years ago that in most cases Lightroom will do a better job."


Personally I've always used Lightroom and never noticed a problem but I've never done any direct comparisons, though I'm using Lightroom 6.14 Classic.



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More recently there's this:


For output (rendering of data) using Export or Open in Photoshop etc, LR uses a unique Adaptive Bicubic algorithm. It's not like anything in Photoshop, it's actually visually better! 

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom resampling is a hybrid Bicubic algorithm that interpolates between Bicubic and Bicubic Smoother for upsampling and Bicubic and Bicubic Sharper for downsampling. Lightroom and ACR uses a adaptive bicubic algorithm: the algorithm parameters are chosen automatically based on the relationship between the original image size and the final image size. These parameters were determined empirically by doing lots of experiments with photos being resampled to common output sizes, such as web-sized images (800 to 1000pixels on the longer dimension), small prints, and big prints. I can see slight improvement over the same resizing using various Photoshop algorithms. 

Author “Color Management for Photographers" & "Photoshop CC Color Management/pluralsight"


'Digitaldog' is Andrew Rodney

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