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Images Taking Super Long To Upload

Luciano Leon


Hello fellow Shooters,


I am a little bit frustrated with Alamy's customer service. Back in the day, when there was an issue it was promptly taken care and the staff seemed to really care about resolving whatever needed to be resolved. Now, it's always, Go Ask For Help In The Forum. lol. Anyway, this is my problem.


I have not changed anything when it comes to color space, uploading procedures, absolutely nothing. So I don't understand why I am having this issue. 


Whether I "drag and drop" or choose my images to upload the same thing happens. The images show up on the computer screen, but instead of them just uploading one after another at a generally brisk speed, instead it is taken sometimes 30 minutes or more for one to upload. Once all of them are uploaded I get an error message saying that the upload could not be completed.


As I stated previously, nothing in my workflow has changed. All the images come from the same two cameras I always use. The DPI is roughly the same as is the size. In all the years I've been with Alamy this has never happened. I am bottlenecked at the moment because I can't move work.


Does anybody have an idea why this is happening and what can be done to fix the problem?


Thank you.


Luciano Leon

Luciano Leon Photography

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Hi Luciano, I've had the same problem recently, where an upload is going fine, but then it gets stuck on a single image and won't progress. Nothing unusual about the image either.


Haven't found an easy solution I'm afraid. My workaround is uploading using FTP. Filezilla is a free uploader available.


Instructions :






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