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  1. Hi, everyone I am Alamy contributor and I have question about difference in current cleared balance which is less than 50% of amount of sales to date. As I understand the commission is 50/50 and there is no taxes according to my tax form, so I don`t find any other information which will explain this difference. So please give me a link on this info or just explain me. Unfortunately I can not contact because "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender - Action: failed" Thank You for Your attention and answers in advance
  2. Hi all, Just wondered if anyone out there has experienced a similar issue - Had a payment in December without issue. No changes to E-mail address. Next payment gets "returned by Paypal" (although they assure me if the E-mail address is correct it will be credited). Contacted Alamy Finance Team, have had payment resissued plus whats due this month - again not received. Waiting to hear from Alamy finance. Just wondering if anyone had seen a similar situation and may have any advice please? There's little to change in payment details (it's just "Paypal") so struggling to see the issue. Happily using my Paypal account for other transactions. Thanks in advance. TobyH
  3. Forum sign in problems

    I am trying to reply to those helping me with downloading CSV but every time I log in to the Forum and go to the topic I am logged out so I am reporting here that I have managed to download the file and open it in Excel so I will send this, even though it looks a bit weird. Thanks to those replying. Kathy
  4. Where can I see the price of my image? I don't find it.
  5. Uploading Problems...

    Dear alamy, I am Jahangir alam as a contributor of alamy. last 1/2 week i saw a problem in alamy site "Uploading Problem" and "Uploading too slow" I try to upload my 15 MB file uploading time to do 35 minute to up...than error!! I try to several time...but, same problem...than My Net connection is ok...I try to others site is uploading thats the ok and fine... what i do?? Plz Help any one know that...
  6. Hello I have a problem ... my work does not appear correctly in the "Manage your images" section... the thumbnail never show... it just "Loading" in it... look at the link below: I waited about an hour, but nothing changed... i changed the browser and update "flash player, java" and still the same result ! Please help me <3 note: my computer system is windows 7 64-bit
  7. Hallo, I think there is something wrong or broken here: HTH! :-)
  8. Display image problem?

    Can you guys see my image? DPD00T I see only blank stripe, no image at all... But when I click on the stripe I can see large zoom as usual. Some display error? Anyone else?
  9. don't what's wrong or not?

    Hi, I new here. I have uploaded a batch of images, keyworded them all. Now only 22 images updated. 12 images got stuck and displaying a message that says "Images not on sale please keyword". images management page shows them as ready and waiting for search engine update. I am confused. is everything fine or something wrong on my side? Thanking you, SUMAN AC
  10. Hi guys, I just wanted to share my experience with images not showing with the right orientation in the submission lots. The interesting fact is that apparently the original images on my computer are all in the right orientation, however after uploading the all the images are becoming from portrait to landscape. This issue is only with my last 2 uploads. Have you ever experienced such a problem? I have notified the MS and recovery efforts are underway, however all the images with wrong orientation are back to the QC again. I'll keep you posted for the workflow required to correct the problem.
  11. I have been using the Alamy Picture Manager plugin for Lightroom for a long time now and was very happy. It is a really great plugin by Jim Keirr and worth any cent as it makes your editing work much more productive and efficient. Unfortunately it no longer works properly. I am not sure whether this is since I last updated Lightroom or the plugin. The problem is that when I want to export, all data will be sent to Alamy with the exception of the keywords. At the same time all keywords will disappear in the plugin keywords box after export completion. I have been in touch with Jim, however the problem could not be solved yet. I think he still tries to find a solution for me. Has anyone else encountered this problem too and maybe even a solution found? I really love this plugin and hope I can get it to work again
  12. Hi Guys, Just got back from hols where I was clicking away with my trusty Canon 5D Mk2 and 24-105L when it struggled to lock on to a subject then when I pressed to take the shot up came the error 01. On the screen it said communications between camera and lens is faulty - clean the lens contacts. Now, this lens hardly ever comes off hte camera but I did remove and cleaned the prestine looking contact points. I do not recall knocking or catching the lens anywhere but managed to keep it working at 24mm with no problems until I zoomed in a bit. I have just tried a 16-35 lens and the was no problems so it must be the lens. Really I would like to know which service centers you may have used and or recommend. I would also like to send the camera too and get the sensor cleaned while it it is there. Was looking at canon in Elstree or have heard good things about Fixation. Regards Paul Thompson
  13. I have tried to get some images on Alamy. I followed their submission rules very carefully and so was dismayed to encounter problems. I have tried several times and always fail their Quality Control check for the reason "Data loss or corruption". I checked their website for details of what that means and then checked my images very carefully and could see nothing wrong. So I emailed their Member Services for advice. They sent me a copy of two of my failed images and I was shocked to see the obvious corruption - the whole of the images were a wreck! Obviously I hadn't knowingly submitted them like that. I used their online upload facility and can only assume there is a problem between my computer system and theirs. I use an Apple Mac. I googled the subject and generally people who have uploading errors just seem to try again and they go though OK. I've tried about 6 times. I've tried converting the images to jpegs using 3 different software programs. I've tried uploading using Chrome. Nothing works. I'm out of ideas! I'd really appreciate hearing from anyone who's seen this type of problem before and especially if you know of a solution. Many thanks.
  14. Date problem

    This morning I was doing some research. I wanted to see if anybody else on Alamy had uploaded photos of the new Exploratorium (sort of a kid oriented science museum) in San Francisco. It just moved and has been open in the new location for about a month or so. I uploaded a few a couple weeks ago. I was surprised to see only one photo, not mine when I searched Exploratorium by taken in the *last three months.* So I went in to Alamy manage images 2.4 and took a look at the date. I assumed that there would be no date at all in the field but instead it listed 19.09.2012. The actual date, as shown in the same images uploaded to Flickr and Zenfolio show taken on 02.05.2013. Of course I *know* my dates aren't that jacked up, since I also geotagged that same set and have to sync the images with my location history from Google Latitude. Also I on occasion have to sync my camera clock with a coworker so our images list in the proper order for events. Plus the Alamy dates are jacked up on both my Sony NEX and Canon 5d MKII images. And it's easy for me to reference since all my photos are named with the date as part of my Lightroom workflow (YearMonthDay_serialno.) Further research showed that dates on Alamy appear incorrect just from images uploaded this year, but that's just from some random sampling. Guess I should send this straight to Alamy? Seems like a major problem. I was just trying to search like a photo buyer would. If I were writing a story on the new Exploratorium, I'd search by date. But by the Alamy dates, a buyer would assume that my photos were taken in the old location. Anybody else having this problem. What should I do?