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Disappearing keywords in live news search


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When you select Live News in an image search a message appears telling you to enter some keywords.  After doing as instructed and clicking on the search icon you are transferred to the Live News feed, but your search terms have been lost, to be replaced by the words "Search The Live News Feed".  This must be a tad irritating for our customers, it certainly irritates me.

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I'd not looked at this in any detail but you're right, very counter-intuitive, the options are:


All images





360º images


Live News

Search by image (upload or URL)


Live News is the only one of these options where you have to type in your keywords again having been taken to the Live News page.


Also if you search for 'Vectors' the results are clearly headed by

xxxxxxxx Stock Vectors & Vector Art


for all other options it is just

xxxxxxxx Stock Photos and Images


This seems like an opportunity missed.


If you have the filter side bar open you can see that each of these (apart from Live News) is achieved by a filter.


Social seems to be just S images.

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