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Many greetings from Hanover Germany

Marcus Beckert

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Hello to all,
I am not really new to Alamy. I already have some images online for sale. But until now I have always neglected Alamy a bit. However, after I had six sales in 2021 and at an amount where I would have to sell hundreds of images at other agencies, I thought I'd try it more closely with Alamy.

I would be happy if one or the other would take a look at my portfolio to tell me what I could do better. At the moment I have over 3200 pictures with a green bar and about 700 pictures with a yellow one. How important are the bars actually and are they conducive to educate a sale?

Many love greetings

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You have lovely images. I'm not surprised you are selling. Pay no attention to the color of the bars. The important thing is to only include tags that are accurate. If you search "discoverability" on the Forum you will find many threads discussing it. I would suggest that you are submitting too many similars. Some of your images are almost identical. 



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Servus Marcus,

Ditto what NYCat says. Most of us have don't have a majority of photos that have a green 'optimised' bar.


You're probably better off asking for commentary on your portfolio here:






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