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Here we go again - "personal use"

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28 minutes ago, spacecadet said:

Well, I see it was me who made the same suggestion last time you reported it. Problem is, there are dozens of images of co-codamol alone on Alamy and many of the images (not so much yours) look very similar to the images on the sites that sell them, and you have no control over how Alamy market your images. So they are going to appear in searches looking very like pharmacy images. So you can either do something within your control, or accept that there are going to be mistakes and refunds.

Hope folk don't start trying to buy your stamps!

But people can't purchase something by just clicking on a Google search result. They have to go to the site, enter personal details, delivery address and click on a 'Purchase' button. Somewhere during that process it could very easily be explained to them what they are about to buy. 

The thing I am doing 'within my control' is asking Alamy to do something about it, for the good of everyone concerned.

And I don't think many of my stamps would be a bargain at $10 - but then neither was that out-of-date supermarket fish....

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