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New Alamy page "Secure rights and clearances for any visual asset"

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Actually dated 21st October but today promoted in an Alamy tweet:






Explains their partnership with 'Six Degrees':

"Six Degrees provides research, rights and clearance services for music, talent, film and TV clips, user-generated media and other intellectual properties utilised in advertising, corporate and entertainment projects."


This page is written by Matt Yau who also wrote a new page that I linked to back in July:



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Editorial vs commercial licences

If you’re using images in an editorial capacity, you don’t need to worry about third-party rights. Editorial licences are for content that is used in the context of news or human interest stories.

It typically relates to content that seeks to impart information or to communicate an opinion; it’s essentially non-fiction. This could be in the form of a newspaper article, a news bulletin, a non-fiction reference book, or a documentary – as long as the content is used in a factual context.



Not entirely true in Alamy's case - ie) graffiti without context is not accepted even for editorial only use

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