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Upload Problems

Ivan Rwatschew


Hi   I am having problems uploading to Alamy using the uploader. I`m still using windows 7  and google chrome, I`ve also tried uploading via firefox but still no upload

as soon as the upload starts it freezes, never had this trouble before.  Internet connection is rated fast at 12.3mbps upload..  Tried uploading 5 files and 54 files but the same thing happens.

Any idea`s as to what I can try doing differently, or is it just bad luck and keep on trying,  Ivan.

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I had upload problems a short while ago and yes

3 hours ago, Alexander Hog said:

Have you checked the Internet speed I think someone had a problem with slow internet which caused the problem If it is best call the internet provider Not to sure about any of the other factors 


I had upload problems a short while ago and yes in my case it was my internet that was faulty.  My provider sorted it out very swiftly and now it's very fast and no upload problems for me.  



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