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Is there a way to see my most searched/viewed images?

Attraction Images


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Not sure why you would want to see all views, other than knowing which have been viewed, but never sold.

For your zooms and sales:

Go to your Pseudonym Summary and set the date as far back as possible (at this moment 2020 August 1st) and then click on the blue number under Zooms.

It will show you all zooms plus the total underneath. The same for Sales of course.

If you want to know your views, that could be done by clicking through on your pseudonym name(s) and then clicking on each search term. You will see all images that have been viewed. The ones with a blue border have been zoomed also. The ones with a white border have been merely seen. I would do this on a daily basis for a while to get a feeling of what clients are looking for and to get a reality check on what to shoot and how. (If you are shooting for sales that is. If you're just shooting what you like, it could maybe help you keywording.)




edit: if you would want to see where your image sits on the page and what the competition looks like, you will have to copy the search term from your Pseudonym Summary and paste it into the general search box on an Alamy page (like the front page), because in the Pseudonym summary you will only see your own images, not the context.

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