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Type of camera used for uploads

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There used to be (perhaps there still is?) a really nice feature on Flickr where you could see the make and model number of cameras used by members when uploading pics. It was presented as a graph and showed how different makes/models of camera waxed and waned over time. What a shame that Alamy does not have such a feature.

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Your camera and lens will be recorded automatically and will be seen if you open in Photoshop and presumably in pretty well any other processing software. I don't think Alamy much wants to get involved anymore about "suitable" and "acceptable cameras". They just draw the line at smartphones. Mind you, there was a Chinese smartphone announced not long ago with a 1 inch sensor. It had the equivalent  of a 19mm lens which might just tempt me into the realm of smartphones. But no, wait, I get so very pissed off when many people around the lunch or dinner table pull out their wretched phones and check things out on google, or worse, show me their horrible snapshots. I would rather be strapped down and forced to view those 8mm film shows from many years ago. When I was about 5, I was Grumpy in Snow White; brilliant typecasting! He had the best lines. I was too young to realise the winner was the prince got to snog the girl

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