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Big Sur runs on old MacBook Pro

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As part of my checking out Big Sur I wanted to try upgrading an old MacBook Pro (2012) from Catalina to Big Sur. Technically Apple doesn't support running Big Sur on this MacBook Pro - but they do on the 2013 model - which is virtually the same - so why won't Big Sur install? Answer it's because the Big Sur installer blocks it, and NOT because it won't run on the hardware. I found this video which shows how to install Big Sur using a patched installer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxBffgBg8Hg


I was pleased to find that Big Sur runs perfectly (NB. I do have an SSD installed), possibly even faster than Catalina did. It's probably not 100% in line with Apple's T&Cs but this method can extend the life (with respect to updates etc) of older Apple hardware.  What I find annoying is it shows that Apple are making users, who would like Big Sur, to upgrade old hardware unnecessarily. This maybe good for Apple's profits (already massive), but isn't good for the planet. I realise that there are extra costs to Apple of supporting older hardware but, given Apple's huge profits, this seems at odds with their supposed concern for environmental issues. 




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