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No a la venta

Jael Perez Fotografia


Buenas noches alguien me puede colaborar explicándome con lo siguiente, tengo 24 imágenes subidas en alamy donde han sido aprobadas y salen not on sale ( No a la venta), quisiera saber que significa eso o que debo hacer para que salgan a la venta.


Quedo atento 


Jael Pérez


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On 26/07/2021 at 21:28, Cobaleitor said:

The question I have regarding this issue is once the photos are uploaded, how do I get them to go from orange category to green category, could you tell me please?


Don't worry about turning everything green. For most images that requires adding tags that really aren't relevant. If you start thinking of adding more keywords just to get to green, stop. Its about "discoverability" but they way the Alamy rankings work, you get penalised if your images get "discovered" by people who don't want to see them. Never add keywords just to make up the numbers. 
I have 45,000 images on here - about 2,000 are green. I'm happy with that.

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