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Payment through Revolut

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Anybody here who gets paid by Alamy with a money transfer on Revolut account? I switched from my Spanish bank to my Revolute account for future Alamy payments and I wonder how normally takes to get money. With my Spain based bank, till now it takes 3 working days to receive the payment normally. Also, till now I have chosen to be paid in USD as the bank or Alamy made the conversion in Euro. Now, I changed from USD to Euro. Is it a good idea or it's better to leave it in USD. I mean, what's the best option in terms of better exchange?

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I have just recently open a Revolut account and it is interesting your question. As a guess, it could be to open an USD account there and Alamy to transfer, in USD, to that account. I did not check it but "normally" this virtual accounts have better rates than the "standard" banks. I will check my next Alamy transfer in GBP rate and compare with a simulated Revolut one from my USD to my GBP account.

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Those in the UK get sales reports in USD too. Also get paid in USD which does not do us any good when £ is strong against the $.




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