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Help with Aperture and PS Elements...

John Morrison


Can anyone help me, pur-lease? I (still) use Aperture on my iMac, and send images to Photoshop Elements (version 9) for editing. When I’ve finished editing, I click ‘save’, which saves the changes to the edited version, which sits alongside the original RAW image in Aperture. Then I click ‘save as’ in Elements, which presents me with a dialogue box to choose file format, image quality, etc, for saving the jpeg file into my Alamy folder.


But just now, having restarted Elements, something’s amiss with this routine. Now, when I click ‘save’, I’m getting the ‘save as’ dialogue box (and the changes aren’t showing up on the edited pic in Aperture). I’ve had a look at the Elements preferences, but I’m none the wiser. Can anyone give me a clue about getting my routine back??

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What file format do you normally get for the initial Save? Usually you only get Save As if you have a file that can't be saved in the format you want - e.g. a layered file can't be saved as a JPEG. I am only going by Photoshop which will normally give a message saying that the file needs to be saved as a copy though. 


As a last resort, it might be worth resetting the Elements preferences - but you will lose your existing prefs as well as any presets and keyboard  shortcuts if you do that unless you save copies first. I am just going by Photoshop but it is probably similar for Elements. You would need to search the help to find the exact procedure and location of any presets etc. 

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