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Checking to see if I've ID'ed this Shenandoah National Park flower correctly.





I have it as Heliopsis helianthoides (false sunflower) as the leaves were wrong for another possibility.  Taken August 1, 2009.   


I've noticed a lot of mislabeled orchids.   Epidendrums are not lockharti, phals, the Central American genus that used to be in Cattleya, or pitaya cactuses, none of which have epidendrum in their species names, though one slime mold does.   I can appreciate what John Mitchell was saying about wanting Alamy photographers to get their botany right so Alamy has a reputation of having the right IDs. 


I think I have this one correctly ID, but thought I'd check.

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4 hours ago, Lori Rider said:

False sunflower looks right to me--I'm not a botany expert though.


Orchids are so hard! I only have one with epidendrum in the name--I hope it's right. :)




I think this is Epidendrum radicans, fairly common in Nicaragua in sunny locations. 

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