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Preparing for re-entry to world of (editorial travel) stock photography

Tawna Brown

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Hi Alamy community!

Some of you may have recently seen or responded to my questions in the question forum! I've joined Alamy a few years back, uploaded 90 images (I don't recall one being rejected!), and haven't been very active in a few years! (Although I have made some sales:)   


I am currently on a year off from work and have just under 10 months remaining. One of my goals was to focus on growing my photography/writing business and to get much more involved with uploading stock images to Alamy.  I have images from around the world, and am also from a special part of Canada where not many people travel to (distance and cost)- so this is an area of specialty for me!  My focus is primarily travel/editorial photography, and mixed with that, wildlife, nature, abstract.... a bit of a mixed bag (minimal staged/posed photography).


With over 100,000 images in my collection, 50%+ of which is from my professional photography days (when I have been selling my work), and I therefore have a ton of content to work with.... so i'm not so interested in gathering new content, but rather working with what I have and giving these images a chance to finally breathe and shine and be exposed to the world!  My biggest challenge is deciding where to start and how long to spend on that particular subject matter before moving on to another..... But I suppose I just need to take the step forward and begin with something!


I will have many questions along the way, I already have posted a few and have been very impressed with the engagement thus far. Thank you to all who participate in that forum, as it really helps myself and fellow photographers out:)  


In case you're interested in this special place in the world that I am from (Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada), I invite you to have a look at some of my blog posts that focus on the NWT!! I'm very proud of my provenance! While i've been to many places around the world, I've yet to find another comparable place that I'd uproot myself for! 




I'm about to order my new laptop and big monitor (I haven't worked with a big monitor for YEARS!!! so i'm super excited about this), and get myself set up properly in my home office, and this will help enable me to start working on uploading images!  


Best wishes to all and I look forward to our future engagements in this and other forums!





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You've got some great stuff there and you obviously know how to make the most of documenting your part of the world. One thing to bear in mind is that while it's good to have a speciality, it will be a niche interest for buyers too. So if your 100,000 images of the rest of the world are as good as these then you should start submitting as fast as you can. Get as much variety into your portfolio as possible and you will make sales without a doubt. But to sell regularly you need several thousand at least, so get cracking!



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@Inchiquin thank you! Yes, I do have very strong visuals from around the world also, and it is such a pity they aren't been seen and enjoyed! (only once in awhile when I post to fb or instagram! And even more rare, on my blog!) I am looking forward to get cracking!


I am in the process of ordering an external monitor (been doing tons of research and whittled it down to 2, one from BenQ and the other Lenovo ThinkVision, both 27"- but it was the (lack of) customer service from Lenovo that is steering me towards the BenQ choice.  I was also going to upgrade my laptop (I'll be connecting it to the display), but i've just read about the new Macbook Pro 13" M1 problems about not working with non-apple software, such as Adobe programs, Lightroom, Photoshop, etc. which I use.  So I'm very hestitant now (with the M1 being the 1st of its kind to be released with an Apple-specific processor vs. Intel), so maybe I should wait until next year's model! Grrrrr..... I don't want to wait. I've been waiting 4 years to have this year off from work, and my intention was to get cracking on my stock photography (uploading) among many other things... so I have to make it work!  Maybe I can get away with the new monitor and the old laptop.... I'll call apple today and find out if they are compatible! 



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