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  1. @meanderingemu Do you mean that since i'm not at 5 stars yet, by uploading some as reportage, that upload doesn't count towards QC rating, and with them having been good quality images that very most likely would have passed QC, I would be better off uploading as stock- if my primary goal is to help me get the 5 star rating faster (particularly seeing that my reviews are taking FOREVER at the moment). (I hadn't logged in to this forum for a few days, so pardon my delay in response).
  2. @meanderingemu... I see what you mean... those specific KWs may not be so relevant to those particular images, but they are to the subject matter of the event/project/overall story.... so i will probably be adding such KWs to most of the images of the project (which will be images of the actual road), as this is a high profile highway, very unique, and people around the circumpolar world are watching it, in terms of global warming, permafrost, the geotextile fabric that is laid underneath the gravel to protect the permafrost, etc, etc. So this is why these keywords are impt to this project..
  3. Thanks @Sally! Good to know..... I don't believe I have any images that I would be uploading that would not pass the QC test, so if "reportage" doesn't benefit me in any way, in terms of my images being found, then it sounds like "stock" is the way to go.... (except that you get a longer caption for reportage.... although I can just use the "Additional info" field in the stock category to expand upon the image info, except that doesn't do much for me either since it's not keyword searchable.... so if the captions are just as impt at the keywords, i see the one benefit of "reportage" being a lo
  4. thank you @meanderingemu- very helpful comments:) I kind of forgot about the "additional info" section, so i see this would be a good place to add more info (although since it's not searchable, why would I spend much time on the section? It would take forever to do that for 1000s of images (i plan to be uploading A LOT over the next couple of months)..... I suppose if I have a collection of a certain subject (such as this highway), I could enter this additional info into several images all at once - (I hope!) PS- I will be responding shortly to your other msg that you sent me:)
  5. I definitely will pay attention to the caption, but purpose does it have? Does the client have to use the caption if they were going to include a caption? Or is it just meant more for a guideline? Now you've got me thinking about changing all of my captions for future purposes (instead of it being a mini summary of what the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk highway is (when it opened, how long it is, cost, etc. - i might instead want to be more generic and say that it's an all weather highway built over permafrost in Canada's arctic.... something like that.... I don't know! I don't want to get too fussy, but
  6. Thank you! yes, the quality wasn't the issue... it was more of me wanting the subject matter to be categorized properly. But I still don't get when it would be appropriate to use "reportage" (not archival or news).... This forum sure brings about all kinds of perspectives:)
  7. Thank you @Vincent Lowe, no i didn't see a response. I've uploaded 4 images as reportage and the captions all were fine since you get more words.... but the 50 other images that are under review now.... most of them will have to be adjusted manually now (as i wrote out the captions in lightroom and uploaded that way.... now I'll have to shorten the majority:( Live and learn!!! (Ps- Have I read somewhere that the words used in the caption are equally as impt, possibly more impt, than the keywords and super keywords???)
  8. It's nothing of that calibre, but it is part of a national interest story in Canada, and of interest to the international audience that deals with climate change, permafrost, global warming, sovereignty and the arctic. (Construction of a highway in the arctic that represents the final link of a highway network connecting the rest of Canada to the arctic ocean by an all-weather road for the first time; built on permafrost, where a lot of international research is being conducted to see how this engineering holds up (there is not another highway of its kind in North America, and maybe only 1 ot
  9. Thank you.... so would I:) So what would you consider newsworthy images to be from an event in 2017, and there are very few out there as it is. I uploaded as "reportage". I uploaded only 4, and they all passed. I just uploaded 50 more (but not from the specific celebration/special event in 2017, but rather of the larger project that spanned 4 years)- those are now going through review. (I marked them as "photograph"- i.e. regular stock. Tawna
  10. @meanderingemu and @Niels Quist.... i just uploaded 4 images as reportage (I just checked off reportage when I went to upload), and they uploaded fine.... i thought folks are saying there is something i need to do in order to get the ability to upload reportage? This is the thing.... I have a large collection of images of a project from some years ago that i will be submitting, and i'll enter those as "Stock", but related to that project is an actual event, the opening ceremony..... and those few photos, I'm uploading as "reportage" - even though they are part of the same projec
  11. Well then i'm on the fence! I really want to get these uploaded, but I don't want to miss out on the chance to upload properly and to reportage if need be... if that would be the best thing to do.... I've been putting this off (uploading to alamy) for 4 years now and I'm finally ready, and now I'm stuck with a fairly minor thing...
  12. But what if you're confident the images are high quality, crisp, etc? Do all images under the "reportage" category automatically have this tag of having possible imperfections- even if all of your images are good quality? I'm thinking I'll just be uploading these images to regular stock; as mentioned in my last response, it was from 2017, but still a very historical event of national (and international in a way) significance. Which is why I was wondering if reportage is only for images from events that are happening right now, while archival are old (with possible imperfections because they
  13. Thanks everyone! (not sure there is a way to tag all, but I hope you can all read this). My specific images are newsworthy (although not "news" because they are from 2017)- they are still very significant in my region and of national/international interest - and since it was in such a remote location, and I was the unofficial photographer for the project over a 4-year term, I had very good access to everything in a way that the "media" didn't..... The event itself is over, and I don't think there are many pics (or very very few) of this event, but I realize now that the ones I thought could
  14. Hi all! In preparing a new batch of images, several of them are from a newsworthy past event (there was news media and this got national attention, even some international attention). I've already uploaded some images from this event in the past but did not check off "reportage or archival" upon upload. Can I add "archival" designation to my images after the fact (after they've been uploaded?) However, with my new batch- that I'm preparing to upload, I'd like to know, what happens if I check this box off (for the images that are "archival" (i.e. news event from 3 ye
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