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  1. Thank you for your new comments, they have been helping with my decision. They are very nice pictures Sally, they suggest the new camera will be many levels above what I have now! Cal makes a very good point about falling into a cycle of spending way too much. I have been swaying back and forth but I think I have settled on the longer lens. It will give me more options and scope before I will feel the need to get a second lens, I wont mind the extra weight (I need the exercse to work off my lockdown-related gut), and any reduced techinical befits caused by choosing the longer lens will be more than outweighed by my lack of skill. Now I just need to build up the momention enough to commit to the purchase! Thanks again everybody, it has been a great help.
  2. I bet Wildlife photograpy from space needs an expensive lens! I think I have settled on a D5600, hopefully I wont have any issue wityh QC with that! Next decision - which lens? Will 18-55mm be ok or is it worth splashing out the extra for a 18-140mm?
  3. Thanks for all the input guys, it's appriciated! So you all have convinced me to go for one with interchangable lenses. I will try to get the camara itself new as I would feel more comfortable in taking in back/complaining if something went wrong with it. I think I will leave the fancier lenses (like the macro stuff) until I have improved my craft (and saved up some more money!). So the two candiates I am looking at so far are: Nikon D5600 Sony Alpha 6100 These seem to fit the bill don't they? As Nikon seems to have a great reputation here I am leaning towards that one.
  4. Yeah. After a day or two of sulking I'm sure my enthusiasm will be renewed! I have been looking at some of the ones with interchanable lens and its just opened up a whole new world of confusion, which leads me back to the comfort of a simple camera with a single lens. My current one is not anything special and I still enjoy photographing things with it. Maybe just general suggestions for the most appropriate fixed lens camera and I can worry about changing lenses once I get a better understanding with all of the technical sides of things? There are some free photography courses online with the Open University which I am looking to try out. It would be nice to get some good shots to upload while I am working through it. It looks quite good and it is acredited by he Royal Photographic Society who I assume know what they are talking about!
  5. Thanks for the comments so far people. I'm not looking to make a career out of photography, I just like taking wildlife pictues and think it would be nice to get paid to share them and hopfully make it self funding. I see you point about too high an expectation from a single lens camera. I shall have a look at some Nikons, Olympus or Panasonics......
  6. Hello all, After discovering Alamy doesn't like my current camera I am looking to upgrade. I have seen that the Sony RX100-6 seems to get recomended on here a lot but I was unsure about the range of zoom it has and unfortunatly I find all the technical details beyong baffeling. I am particularly interested in wildlife photography so most of the things I photograph are either very small and close up or a long way away. I am very much at the novice level so I dont need anything with too many bells and whistles. Key point Good zoom for distance and macro shots single lens (as its simpler) Price range up to £700 ish Something that will easily pass quality control Some reliable/doesnt break easily Any suggestions?
  7. Thank you for the reply, that was helpful. Unfortunatly it seems that my camera was not up to the stardard so thats a shame. I will have to get an upgrade!
  8. Hello all, I am new and am just trying to get my head around things before braving my first submissions, Is it alright to submit pictures I have previously posted elsewhere on the internet such as social media? As I didn't give any copyrights away is it still ok to list it 'exclusively' on here? Thanks in advance.
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