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Order of uploaded subject matter

Tawna Brown


Does the order at which I upload images matter? i.e. what if one day I upload 40 travel-type of images from Tuscany, and then the next week I upload 25 images of the arctic, and then the next week I upload a collection from a mining operation, and then another week later, I continue to add more Tuscany images, etc?  Is it better if I focus on one large subject matter all at once- upload them all, and then move on to the next subject matter?  


When a client comes across one of my images and then clicks to see all of what is in my collection, are the images organized in any specific way, or will they show up in the order that they were uploaded, i.e. chronologically? (In which case, if I don’t stick to one subject matter or specific location at a time, then it might look really messy when a client sees my library.)   The problem for me is that I can't possibly upload all images on one subject matter first...(I've been to Italy 12 times, and have 1000s of images).  I feel that I would be better off with uploading images that represent a cross section of subject matter, and then return at a later date to continue adding to those particular categories that I've already started with... Does that seem logical?


Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this matter!

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18 hours ago, Tawna Brown said:

Thanks again @wiskerke! Would it be better to set up these pseudonyms prior to getting back to stock photography and uploading many many pics, or is it more difficult to do this afterwards? Also, you mentioned there's a filter named Pseudonym in the task bar, which explains why someone would use it to keep order in a big portfolio... i can't find that... sorry! Are you able to send me a screen shot to visually direct me to this spot? 


There is an Advanced search button next to the tabs New Creative Relevant  in the main search page for clients.

NOT on the front page of Alamy, only after they have seen the first results.

The first item in the roll down menu is Search by Contributor name.

That is in fact a search by a contributor's pseudonym. Not his or her real name. Unless the pseudonym is the same as his or her real name. Which for photographers traditionally has been the standard practice.


Whether it makes sense for you to use pseudonyms other than your own name is up to you. I would use your own name or brand name for a while unless there are other photographers working under the same name. Some contributors have changed their pseudo only because it was so hard to find their own images in publications using Google.





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